My Pitch for ‘Mission: Impossible V’

Tom Cruise, star of the
Tom Cruise, star of the “Mission Impossible” franchise. Photo: Kai Space

I started out the other night watching Hot Tub Time Machine, but the first scene grossed me out. Spoiler alert: One of the main characters works at a pet grooming place, and he checks out a dog’s butt. He pulls out the feces and tosses it at the client who catches it with his hand. HE HAS HIS DOG’S POO IN HIS HANDS — IN THE FIRST SCENE. Anyway, I debated for a bit if I’d continue watching the film right then and there, or watch something else. I decided re-watching Mission: Impossible III (M:I III) was better use of my time. It’s the best one in the franchise yet. So, within the first few minutes of re-watching its first scene, 1) my mind was blown and 2) I developed an idea for Mission: Impossible V. SPOILERS AHEAD! In M:I III, we find Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) engaged—and eventually married—to Julia (Michelle Monaghan). In the first scene, the party scene, we meet Julia’s siblings briefly. I was shocked to find Bellamy Young (Scandal) and one of my faves, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), in those roles.

Back in 2006, when the movie was released, they were unknowns. Now, they’re both established TV actors on critically acclaimed shows. In fact, Paul is an Emmy winner and Young could very well win one in the future. After all, her show is only on its second season. So, if I were in charge of the Mission: Impossible sequel, I would bring back Monaghan (Eagle Eye) and Paul and Young as her siblings. Perhaps a storyline wherein Paul and Young are taken hostage and Monaghan calls on Hunt to help rescue them? This would definitely up the emotional stakes of the fifth movie. I mean, imagine Hunt having to save his in laws, right? Not to mention the star wattage, now that Paul and Young are familiar faces. Personally, I would also love to see Monaghan in a bigger role, especially in the action scenes. Her handling the gun in M:I III was one of the best scenes in the film. I don’t know why Paul didn’t play Bruce Willis’ son in Die Hard 5, but giving him action scenes in M:I V would certainly show those Die Hard producers what they were missing. While I’m on the topic, why not bring back Maggie Q (M:I III) too? She has a big appeal in Asia, and by that time, her upcoming movie, Divergent, would have been released and most likely been a hit, again adding to the star power of M:I V. Last but not least, I’d love it if one of my favorite actresses, Keri Russell (Felicity), came back to the franchise. She managed to be memorable and fabulous in her very short M:I III scene. If by some miracle, the Mission: Impossible producers bring her character back from the dead too, then the sequel will be perfect. Share

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