Fall 2011 TV Shows to Watch

Here’s a list of new shows I’m going to try:

1. Apartment 23
Stars: Krysten Ritter, James Van Der Beek
Synopsis: Comedy about a girl whose new roommate is a bitch at first, but turns out not to be
Why Watch: The pilot got good reviews.

2. New Girl
Stars: Zooey Deschanel
Synopsis: Comedy about a wacky girl who moves in with three guy roommates
Why Watch: FOX released the pilot early. I’ve seen it and while there’s a bit of transition issues and they’re recasting one of the guys, it is funny. Plus, for me, the charming Deschanel is the real draw.

3. Hart of Dixie
Stars: Rachel Bilson, Scott Porter, Jaime King
Synopsis: Bilson is a doctor who has little choice but to practice in a small town, where she meets romantic interest, Porter, who’s engaged to King.
Why Watch: The show has drawn comparisons to other CW shows like Everwood. It reunites Bilson and The OC creator, Josh Schwartz. While I wasn’t an OC fan, the results are darling, as you’ll see below.

4. Revenge
Stars: Emily Van Camp, Madeleine Stowe, Marc Blucas
Synopsis: Loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo. Here, Van Camp is the one looking to avenge her father’s death.
Why Watch: I don’t know how they intend to stretch the story throughout the years, let alone one season, but the trailer’s delicious. It’s not a Colombiana or Alias type of revenge. She isn’t a spy and she doesn’t fire guns or go hand-to-hand combat with people. The main character is a regular girl who carries out her revenge in the Hamptons.

5. Once Upon a Time
Stars: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin
Synopsis: The characters from the Snow White fairy tale are living their lives as regular people without any memories of who they really are. It’s up to Morrison, who’s possibly Snow White’s daughter, to fix it.
Why Watch: If you’re a fan of Lost, it’s the same writers. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for revamped fairy tales.

6. Awake
Stars: Jason Isaacs
Synopsis: Isaacs gets into a car accident with his wife and son. Next thing he knows, he’s switching between two realities: one where only his wife is alive and the other where only his son made it.
Why Watch: Interesting premise and Isaacs is a solid actor.

7. Ringer
Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Synopsis: The show centers on twin sisters: Bridget’s a recovering addict and Siobhan’s a socialite. After being estranged for years (the reason is a mystery), they reunite—only Siobhan commits suicide soon after, and Bridget takes over her life, not knowing what she’s getting into.
Why Watch: Sarah Michelle Gellar! They’re also aiming for film noir, so if that’s your thing…

8. Prime Suspect
Stars: Maria Bello, Aidan Quinn
Synopsis: Based on the acclaimed British series starring Helen Mirren. Bello gets the bad guys while dealing with the sexist boys on her own squad.
Why Watch: Bello’s one of my fave actors. Did I mention it’s a remake of an acclaimed show?

9. Homeland
Stars: Damian Lewis, Claire Danes
Synopsis: Lewis plays a soldier who was held captive in the Middle East and is returning to the US. However, Danes suspect he’s a terrorist sleeper agent.
Why Watch: Aren’t you curious to know if he is? I think he probably is a terrorist, and that just gives Lewis an opportunity to show off his tremendous acting chops.

10. Person of Interest
Stars: Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson
Synopsis: As a wealthy guy, Emerson has the technology that tells him when a crime is about to happen. He hires Caviezel to stop them every time.
Why Watch: Its creator is none other than JJ Abrams. Abrams actually has another show coming out, but this one caught my attention more.


1. Alcatraz
Stars: Jorge Garcia
Synopsis: Criminals at the prison mysteriously vanished 50 years ago. Now, they’re coming back—without having aged.
Why: This is Abrams’ other production. While it’s a great idea, it’s the more Lost-like of the two, and I don’t want to have to keep up with it.

2. Grimm
Stars: David Giuntoli
Synopsis: A hunter, descended from the Grimms, has to fight off the supernatural forces from the stories.
Why: Buffy producers and writers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf are behind it, but one fairy tale show (see no. 5 above) might be enough.

3. American Horror Story
Stars: Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange
Synopsis: A couple moves into a haunted house and the rest is shrouded in mystery.
Why: Reviews have been split between praise and damnation.

4. Pan Am
Stars: Christina Ricci
Synopsis: Drama about the flight crew of the 1960s
Why: Even Ricci’s name wasn’t enough to make me care about a series on flight attendants. Then, I read that one of the attendants doubles as a spy, so I might give it a try. ABC should capitalize on that plot line rather than a crew that sleeps around.

5. The Secret Circle
Stars: Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold
Synopsis: Teenage witches
Why: Who doesn’t love supernatural TV? Still, I’m not invested in any of the actors, and the writing—which is most likely, typical of CW—has me hesitant to jump in.


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