Awesome Soundtrack: ‘Collateral’

Jamie Foxx in "Collateral."

Some film professors suggest watching movies on mute. That’s how powerful a good soundtrack can be.

I was re-watching Collateral on TV, and I couldn’t believe I missed how great the soundtrack was when I saw it the first time. (I’ve also noticed that Javier Bardem had a small part in it—pre-Oscar.) If you haven’t seen the movie at all, you should. It’s pretty darn good in itself—and the music is a definite bonus.

The various songs lend themselves to Collateral, an action movie where Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible), a killer for hire, goes on a crime spree with an innocent cab driver, Jamie Foxx (Dreamgirls). There’s a great mix of jazz, trance, Spanish, hip-hop, and rock music in this Michael Mann film.

Watch as the song, Rollin’ Crumblin’ by Tom Rothrock, plays when a cop, Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30), stumbles on a crime scene:

Later in the movie, Cruise makes his way to one of his targets at a night club as the club goers dance to Ready Steady Go by Paul Oakenfold:

I leave you with The Roots performing Seed 2.0, which is also in the soundtrack:


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