TV Show You Should Watch: ‘Leverage’

The 'Leverage' cast (L to R): Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, and Aldis Hodge. Photo: Sepopculture

I first heard of Leverage through my friend, who recommended the show to me. Later on, I saw the show on TV while flipping channels and decided to watch it. I was laughing all the way through!

Find out why after the jump.

Google informed me that what I saw was S02E05, The Three Days of the Hunter Job. In the episode, the team (led by Oscar winner Timothy Hutton) goes after a so-called news anchor after she ruins an innocent man’s reputation. They attempt to fool her with a false story about a military conspiracy, and you can only imagine the lengths they’ll go to and the unexpected results that happen.

This is essentially the plot of every episode: they get leverage for their clients who’ve been wronged by multibillion dollar companies. The characters have been described as modern-day Robin Hoods, and the concept is especially resonant since the show started around the time of the US economic downturn, wherein the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.


The offbeat humor is pretty incredible from episode to episode. Depending on the con, they’ll assume different personas from week to week, including magicians and high school teachers. And you always know they’ll pull off the scam, but how they pull it off is why you stay tuned.

Like me, you can start anywhere and not get too lost. The writers and producers intentionally made each episode a standalone. There is a “but” coming—loyal viewers will be rewarded with ongoing love stories between the characters, among other things.

There’s something going on between the leader, Hutton, and the grifter/actress, Gina Bellman, as well as the couple I’m rooting for, thief extraordinaire, Beth Riesgraf and computer geek, Aldis Hodge. Rounding out the team is the muscle, Christian Kane (Angel), who gets some lovin’ from the occasional female guest star, so no need to feel sorry for him.


The U.S. summer show is currently airing its fourth season. They’ve incorporated a big bad for the latest season, but I feel that when the writers attempted to do that in season 3, they stumbled. There was no real threat from the past villain, Goran Visnjic (ER). He wasn’t given much to do since he only appeared in the last two episodes.

It’s a shame because I’m sure, as much as there are Noah Wyle fans (Hi!), there are Visnjic fanatics, too. For me, there was no investment in the characters nailing him because the reason was unclear why they were going after him in the first place.

James Frain ('True Blood') unfortunately only starred in one 'Leverage' episode. Photo: Beauty and the Dirt

Since we’re talking about a waste of talent, let’s talk about James Frain. If you’ve seen his work as a sadistic vampire on True Blood‘s season 3, you’ll know in the deepest arteries of your heart, that he should have been given a bigger part on Leverage (and on Fringe). As it were, he played the villain in only one episode.

However, this is a minor criticism because everything else about the show is great, and hopefully, they’ve corrected the problem this season. What keeps me around are the cuties Hodge and Kane (they need to keep his long hair in check though) and the crazy character you’ll rally behind, Riesgraf. Not to mention all that wacky goodness.

**Did you know that the cast + guest stars have Twitter accounts? Clicky:


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