Movie Commentary: ‘Red Riding Hood’

Amanda Seyfried in 'Red Riding Hood.' Photo: Shockya


The universe was telling me not to watch Red Riding Hood, but I didn’t listen. The trailer was too good that I wanted to watch it. Plus, I am becoming more and more charmed by its star, Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia).

But it wasn’t good. It didn’t propel forward as much as it should have for a mystery/thriller. It could have been more cohesive, too.

I’m starting to think Lords of Dogtown was a fluke for director Catherine Hardwicke, who was also behind the camera for this film. Twilight, another Hardwicke film, was also a bust for me, but I thought the woman who directed Dogtown must have done something great with this fairytale retelling. But no…

For more of my thoughts and videos of Amanda Seyfried interviews, hit the jump.

You’d think there’d be more to the movie because Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight) is in it and as I found out later, Academy Award nominee, Julie Christie (Away from Her) was in it as well.

However, Red didn’t build on the relationships between the characters enough to make you care about them. Seyfried’s love interests, while cute, didn’t have off-the-charts chemistry with her. Her sister dies early on in the film, but we don’t feel her pain because they never had scenes together.

The film kept me guessing till the end (I personally never figured out who the wolf was), but I should have saved my money and stayed home instead.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some interviews Seyfried did to promote the film:

On Jimmy Kimmel Part 1 and 2:

On David Letterman:

On Chelsea Lately, when she wasn’t promoting the movie, but was a lot funnier:


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