Movie Commentary: ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

The movie poster for 'The Adjustment Bureau.' Photo: Flicks and Bits


“Why are people always chasing Matt Damon?” That’s the top comment attached to The Adjustment Bureau trailer on YouTube right now.

Ever since I saw the trailer, I wanted to see it in theaters. The film has been plagued with delays, which can only mean the higher-ups at the movie studio don’t think it’s good enough.

But I still wanted to see it.

Check out the trailer and my thoughts on the movie after the jump.

I wanted to watch the film because of the love story and how it’s tied to fate. Who isn’t a sucker for that? I’m also a fan of Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) and Matt Damon (Bourne Ultimatum) individually so there you go.

I was not disappointed. The chemistry between Blunt and Damon was evident from their first scene together. The couple, along with the mystery as to why the bureau is keeping them apart, will keep you invested.

I’m glad it’s a happy ending, but it could have been presented in a better way like in Pride and Prejudice. There’s no wedding at the end, but Keira Knightley and Matthew McFayden refer to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, you know?

Other than that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie based on Philip K. Dick’s short story. If you need to convince your guy to go see it, tell him it even has a nice does of action with all those chase scenes.

For any more convincing, I leave you with the stars’ Moviefone Unscripted interview:


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