36 New Trailers featuring Natalie Portman, James McAvoy, Kate Hudson + ‘Twilight,’ ‘FNL,’ ‘The Office’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ alums

“One day, sir, you’ll be in love … You’ll be miserable,” one character tells Ewan McGregor (The Ghost Writer). Eva Green (Casino Royale) is the woman he falls for in Perfect Sense just as people all around are starting to lose their five senses. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Meanwhile, Kate Mara (127 Hours) and Paul Giamatti (The Cinderella Man) go back to medieval times in the action movie, Ironclad. Expected U.S. release date: June 2011

If you were a cheerleader of David Arquette and Courtney Cox’s marriage, you can see them together again—at least on screen in Scream 4. Neve Campbell (Party of Five) is also in it with some fresh blood, namely Emma Roberts (Aquamarine) and Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) and Adam Brody (The O.C.). Expected U.S. release date: April 15, 2011

Animated movies and adaptations of popular books after the jump …

Bunraku tries to pull off the Sin City look with the Kill Bill action scenes, but isn’t successful, I think. Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor), Demi Moore (Ghost), Woody Harrelson (The Messenger), and Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy) are the names attached. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Taylor Schilling (Mercy) and Edi Gathegi (Twilight) tackle the Ayn Rand novel in Atlas Shrugged Part 1. Expected U.S. release date: April 15, 2011

Monogamy is an indie drama about a male photographer who’s engaged to Rashida Jones (The Office) but becomes obsessed with another woman. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Keira Knightley (Atonement) and Sam Worthington (Avatar) play husband and wife in the romantic drama Last Night. While they are apart as Worthington goes on a business trip, they both flirt with the idea of cheating on their spouse. Eva Mendes (The Women) also stars. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

From the looks of the trailer, Certified Copy is a bewitching romantic movie involving a writer and an art dealer (Juliette Binoche from Chocolat). As I write this, it has 7.1 stars on IMDb.com. Expected U.S. release date: June 3, 2011

The Music Never Stopped follows an estranged father  and son who reunite through music as the son grapples with a brain tumor. J.K. Simmons (Juno) and Julia Ormond (Sabrina) play the dad and the music therapist, respectively. Based on a true story. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

The people behind the animated movie, Despicable Me, bring us Hop. It revolves around an Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall) who has dreams of becoming a drummer. James Marsden (Enchanted), Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) and most importantly, David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) star. Expected U.S. release date: April 1, 2011

Do we need another cartoon? Apparently, we do. Mars Needs Moms is about a boy (Seth Green from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who loses his mom (Joan Cusack from My Sister’s Keeper) to martians. He then travels to the far reaches of space and tries to get her back. Expected U.S. release date: March 11, 2011

Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) continues to do his thing in the comedy Arthur. What you may not expect is how out there Jennifer Garner (Alias) goes with the humor, as evidenced by the trailer below. Helen Mirren (The Queen) co-stars. Expected U.S. release date: April 8, 2011

Hall Pass aka a week to do whatever married men Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers) and Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live) want with no consequences. And that’s what they set out to accomplish in this Farrelly-brothers (There’s Something About Mary) comedy, which also stars Christina Applegate (The Sweetest Thing) and Jenna Fischer (The Office) as their wives. Expected U.S. release date: Feb. 25, 2011

Carla Gugino (Watchmen) plays a porn star named Elektra Luxx who has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Malin Akerman (Watchmen), Timothy Olyphant (Die Hard 4), and Joseph Gordon Levitt (Inception) co-star. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

In the drama, Beginners, McGregor (Down with Love) finds out his father is terminally ill and, more shockingly, gay. Chrisopher Plummer (The Last Station) plays his dad while Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds) is McGregor’s love interest. The film has a rating of 8 on IMDb.com as of this posting. Expected U.S. release date: June 3, 2011

Skateland is a coming-of-age story set in the ’80s in a roller disco. Ashley Greene (Twilight) headlines this indie film. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Expect a cop thriller out of The Son of No One, which boasts of no less than Al Pacino (The Godfather). Channing Tatum (Step Up), Ray Liotta (Heartbreakers), Katie Holmes (Batman Begins), and Juliette Binoche (Chocolat) round out the cast. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Warner Brothers has released the theatrical trailer of director Catherine Hardwicke’s (Lords of Dogtown) take on Red Riding Hood. Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls) and Gary Oldman (Harry Potter) make this gothic retelling possible. Expected U.S. release date: March 11, 2011

Here’s the Superbowl commercial for Captain America: The First Avenger (Chris Evans from Push). A star-studded cast is attached: Hugo Weaving (The Matrix), Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada), Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive), Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl), and Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia). Expected U.S. release date: July 22, 2011

Have a first look at one of J.J. Abrams’ (Lost) mystery projects, Super 8, which is also a Superbowl promo. It stars Elle Fanning (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights). Expected U.S. release date: June 10, 2011

Ceremony is an offbeat comedy about a young man (Michael Angarano from Will and Grace) trying to win back his older ex-girlfriend (Uma Thurman from Kill Bill). The catch is she’s engaged to someone else (Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies). The film looks promising since as of this writing, it has 7.1 stars on IMDb.com. Expected U.S. release date: April 8, 2011

Another film with a wedding on the horizon is Bridesmaids, which is also a comedy about—you guessed it—bridesmaids. Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live) plays the bride and her maids are Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live) and Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls). Expected U.S. release date: May 13, 2011

Director Robert Redford decides to shed light on the Abraham Lincoln assassination in The Conspirator. The drama centers on Mary Surratt (Robin Wright Penn from White Oleander), the only female on trial because they can’t find her son, who is the real perpetrator. James McAvoy (Atonement) stars as Surratt’s lawyer and tries to find the truth. Joining them in the movie are Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood), Kevin Kline (The Emperor’s Club), Tom Wilkinson (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Justin Long (Die Hard 4), and Jonathan Groff (Glee). Expected U.S. release date: April 15, 2011

The Water for Elephants international trailer has more romantic elements between Robert Pattinson (Twilight) and Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) than the first sneak peek. The movie is an adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel of the same name. It tells of Pattinson’s adventures in the circus where he’s up against always-the-villain, never-the hero, Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds). Expected U.S. release date: April 22, 2011

In the romantic dramedy, A Little Bit of Heaven, Kate Hudson (Bride Wars) is afflicted with cancer and love, specifically with Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien). Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Soul Surfer is inspired by the Bethany Hamilton (Anna Sophia Robb from Bridge to Terabithia) story. Hamilton continues to surf even after a shark attack that took away her arm. Singer Carrie Underwood and Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets) co-star. Expected U.S. release date: April 8, 2011

Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight), Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and the Furious), and the rest of the human race fend off aliens in Battle Los Angeles. Check out its third trailer… Expected U.S. release date: March 11, 2011

The Ward is the latest John Carpenter (Big Trouble in Little China) horror flick with Amber Heard (Zombieland), Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita), and Danielle Panabaker (Sky High). Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Henry’s Crime has an Ocean’s 11 vibe to it. Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), an innocent man, goes to jail for bank robbery. When he gets out, he decides to actually rob a bank with James Caan (The Godfather) and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air). Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Have you seen the No Strings Attached red-band trailer (aka more sex and swearing)? Natalie Portman (Closer) and Ashton Kutcher (That ’70s Show) portray friends with benefits. Expected U.S. release date: January 21, 2011

The Mechanic red-band trailer is also out. You’re in for an action flick with Jason Statham (Transporter) and Ben Foster (The Messenger). Expected U.S. release date: January 25, 2011

The second trailer of Priest is much better as we see a more rounded story and more action sequences (the ones with Maggie Q from Nikita look promising). Paul Bettany (Legion) is a priest who goes rogue to hunt down vampires who kidnapped his niece (Lily Collins from The Blind Side). Cam Gigandet (Twilight) and Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings) are also in on the action. Expected U.S. release date: May 13, 2011

I’m looking forward to X-Men First Class mainly because James McAvoy (Atonement) is in it as Professor X. I was also such a fan of the cartoon as a kid and some of the graphic novels even now. (Joss Whedon’s take on the series rocks.) Though I haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence in her Oscar-nominated role (Winter’s Bone), I like her based on this Jimmy Kimmel interview. She plays Mystique while Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) is Magneto, Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy) is Beast, January Jones (Mad Men) is Emma Frost, and Rose Byrne (Damages) is Dr. Moira McTaggert. Matthew Vaughn (Watchmen) directs. Expected U.S. release date: June 3, 2011

The second trailer for the comic-book adaptation Thor is very, very cool—just as good as the first. Hopefully, the movie lives up to the promos. Watch Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek), Portman (Black Swan), Kat Dennings (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), and Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs) below. Expected U.S. release date: May 6, 2011

It was only a matter of time before Hollywood scooped up the immensely popular chick lit series by Emily Griffin. Something Borrowed will be the first on-screen adaptation. The underrated actress Ginnifer Goodwin (He’s Just Not That Into You) stars in this charming romantic comedy with John Krasinski (The Office) and Hudson (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). Expected U.S. release date: May 6, 2011

I wouldn’t expect a film any less cute than Happythankyoumoreplease from director/writer/actor Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother). It features several storylines with Radnor, Mara (We are Marshall), and Akerman (27 Dresses). Did I mention it has a 7-star review on IMDb.com? Expected U.S. release date: March 4, 2011


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