TV Show You Should Try: ‘Covert Affairs’

Piper Perabo, Golden Globe nominee and star of "Covert Affairs." Photo:

Admittedly, this was one of those shows I watched because every other show was on hiatus and I was bored. The gamble paid off though. Covert Affairs is a spy show centered on CIA agent, Annie Walker (Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly) and it’s executive produced by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity). It doesn’t compare to Alias at its best, but ultimately, it’s entertaining. Catch the trailer after the jump:

Other than the entertainment factor, what hooked me was the overarching mystery, which is also a love story. In the first episode, we learn that Walker is hired by the CIA to serve as bait for a rogue spy, Ben Mercer (the not-too-shabby-looking Eion Bailey from Band of Brothers). Why? Well, they had a three-week romantic whirlwind in Sri Lanka, but he left her suddenly with a note, “The truth is complicated. Forgive me.” From then on, the estrogen in me couldn’t resist the show.

I just have to say the last episode wasn’t satisfying because a) it was a cliffhanger and b) I’ve seen a similar cliffhanger before (on The Closer‘s season 4, episode 10).

But it’s also a reunion of TV show stars. For the O.C. fans, there’s Peter Gallagher, who plays the head of the CIA. For Heroes fanatics, Sendhil Ramamurthy is also on the show as a CIA agent. If you were a fan of Anne Dudek (aka Amber) on House, you get to see her here as Walker’s sister. Anna Chlumsky (My Girl) and Eriq La Salle (E.R.) make guest appearances in episodes 10 and 5, respectively.

Personally, I’m loving Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty) in his new role as a blind CIA agent and Walker’s best friend. (He takes off his shirt in episode 7—just saying.) While you search for Covert Affairs episodes, here’s some more of Gorham:


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