24’s Hour is Up

"24" stars Kiefer Sutherland and Annie Wersching // Photo: Kiefer-Rocks.com

Start the clock. The eighth and current season of the FOX show, 24, will be its last.

It’s funny that the reason the Kiefer Sutherland-vehicle is being cancelled is low ratings when by low, they mean 11.9 million viewers. I mean, there are CW shows that are still on the air but can’t muster that much people power.

I’ve never seen a 24 episode till now, and I’ve just started to get into it amidst season 7 replays. The interesting news is that there’s already a movie version in the works. The more interesting news: Sutherland thinks the series finale can act as a trailer for the 24 film.

“I actually tried to convince a few people of this. In a media world that is changing unbelievably fast, a television series can either act as a great trailer for a film, or a film can act as a great trailer for a television series. And I think the first person who actually does that is going to change the way television interacts with feature films.”



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