Trail(er) Mix: Sneak Peeks of 30 Movies

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice creeped me out as a child and now, producer Jerry Bruckheimer wants to bring the Disney cartoon to life. Set in the modern day, Nicolas Cage (Con Air) plays the sorcerer (naturally) and Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up) is his apprentice. The movie could go either way though the effects are pretty cool and the deliciously devious Alfred Molina (Spider-man 2) plays the villain. Expected U.S. release date: July 16, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine yes, you read right. It’s the title for John Cusack’s (Say Anything) latest comedy. The goal is probably to be the next Hangover or Tropic Thunder and it may achieve that. So far, there’s only about 500 votes on, but it’s a 7.1 star rating. Cusack and three other friends get into a hot tub, which transports them to the ’80s where they run into an ex-girlfriend and a mom at a younger age, among others. Additionally, Chevy Chase (National Lampoon’s Family Vacation) makes an appearance. Expected U.S. release date: March 26, 2010

And if for some inexplicable reason, you care to see another version of the trailer:

Get Him to the Greek has Russell Brand reprising his Forgetting Sarah Marshall role as a rockstar. Jonah Hill (Superbad) is the assistant who needs to fly Brand to America from London to perform in an important anniversary concert. Expect Diddy and The Today’s Show Meredith Viera to pop up in this farce of a movie. Expected U.S. release date: June 4, 2010

The Switch brings TV favorites Jennifer Aniston (Friends) and Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) together. They play best friends in the film with Bateman crushing on Aniston. When she decides to have a baby with a sperm donor (Patrick Wilson from Little Children), Bateman gets drunk, spills Wilson’s sample down the drain and puts his own in its place. Cut to seven years later and things are as complicated as ever. Expected U.S. release date: Aug. 20, 2010

The thing so many have waited for has finally arrived: the Iron Man 2 trailer. You get a first look at the new cast members, Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda), Scarlett Johansson (Match Point), and Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler). There’s a lot of action, but the trailer proved that it’s not just going to be mindless fight scenes. The sneak peek showed some heart, too, specifically when Rourke takes a seriously injured Downey by surprise. My favorite moment is when Downey jumps out of a plane and shouts out something to Gwyneth Paltrow, his love interest. (It may very well have been improv or else if it was scripted, I don’t think it would have worked as well with anyone other than him.) Expected U.S. release date: May 7, 2010

See the Iron Man 2 trailer after the jump as well as trailers for a bunch of indie films and everything from Sex and the City 2 to Robin Hood to Marmaduke to The Last Airbender.

I’m a Katherine Heigl fan, but her upcoming movie, Killers, doesn’t do anything for me. Heigl meets Ashton Kutcher (Dude, Where’s My Car?), they get married, and later, become the target of a hit. Comedy supposedly ensues. Expected U.S. release date: June 4, 2010

In The Back-up Plan, Jennifer Lopez (Selena) has it somewhat backward. She gets some artificial insemination work done since her biological clock’s ticking and then she meets Mr. Right, the guy she can have kids with au naturale (Alex O’Loughlin from the tv show, Moonlight). There’s been reports of people walking out of test screenings, but 30 (!) people gave it 7.9 stars on Expected U.S. release date: April 23, 2010

Marvel Studios recently passed on talented newcomer Garrett Hedlund (Troy) for Captain America, but it’s their loss and Tron Legacy‘s gain. The sci-fi action film is a sequel to 1982’s Tron as the latter apparently had a cult following. The marketing campaign should be a breeze since this year’s Oscar winner for Best Actor, Jeff Bridges, plays Hedlund’s father who’s stuck in a cyberspace game. After 20+ years, Hedlund finds Bridges and together, they embark on a journey to escape the obstacles before them. Though they’re missing from the teaser trailer, Olivia Wilde (House) and Michael Sheen (The Queen) round out the cast. Sidenote: I’m looking forward to what Daft Punk will come up with for the soundtrack. Expected U.S. release date: Dec. 17, 2010

Despicable Me is a a cute animated film “drawn” in the same vein as Up and from the producer of Ice Age. Steve Carrell (The Office) lends his voice to play the villain who plans to steal the moon until he comes across three little orphan girls who happen to be handfuls. The supporting cast includes comedic vets, Will Arnett and Kristen Wiig, as well as Forgetting Sarah Marshall stars, Jason Segel and Brand. Expected U.S. release date: July 9, 2010

The Karate Kid, a remake of the original film, pairs Jaden Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness) and Jackie Chan as sensei and protege. I’ll let you guess who plays who. Expected U.S. release date: June 11, 2010

Cyrus seems to be riding on Hill’s deadpan comedy. Hill (Superbad) plays Marisa Tomei’s (The Wrestler) emotionally stunted son who goes psycho only on John C. Reilly (The Hours), Tomei’s new boyfriend. Oscar-nominated actress Catherine Keener (Into the Wild) also has a supporting role. Expected U.S. release date: July 9, 2010

The A Team boasts of Liam Neeson (Taken) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) as part of a four-man military team who was wrongly imprisoned. Now, they’ve escaped, looking to rush to people’s aid and prove their innocence. Jessical Biel (The Illusionist) also stars. Expected U.S. release date: June 11, 2010

In this teaser trailer, Owen Wilson (The Wedding Crashers) is the beloved cartoon dog, Marmaduke. The level of celebrity in the credits is pretty amazing: Emma Stone (The House Bunny), singer Fergie, Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Judy Greer (13 Going on 30), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), George Lopez, and William H. Macy (The Cooler), to name a few. Expected U.S. release date: June 4, 2010

If the bank heist movie, Takers, can deliver what’s promised in trailer, it should have no problem at the box office. The stunts are jaw-dropping and the all-star cast leans heavily on the younger demographic, namely Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious), Hayden Christensen (Star Wars), Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Matt Dillon (Crash) plus singers Chris Brown and T.I. Expected release date: Aug. 20, 2010

Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal) stars as a contractor in Iraq who is kidnapped and trapped in a coffin, Buried alive. Expected U.S. release date: Oct. 8, 2010

Michael Gondry, the man behind The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, offers up the documentary, The Thorn in the Heart. It centers on the life of his family, especially his aunt and cousin, and in French no less. Expected U.S. release date: unknown

Imagine a world where the foundation lies with the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air.  Newcomer Noah Ringer, aka The Last Airbender, must stop the fire lord (Slumdog Millionaire‘s Dev Patel) from destroying everything. Twilight‘s Jackson Rathbone also acts in this adaptation of the animated series of the same name. Don’t let that fool you, though, the effects are great and the director is M. Night Shyamalan, which, admittedly, could be a good or bad thing. Expected U.S. release date: July 2, 2010

The Eat Pray Love trailer didn’t have me counting the days till the film adaptation hits the big screen. I might watch it in theaters just because Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) is in it, but after all I’ve heard about the magic of the book, that didn’t translate to the trailer. James Franco (Milk), Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), Viola Davis (Doubt), and Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) lend some serious star power. Expected U.S. release date: Aug. 13, 2010

Vanilla Sky co-stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz reunite in the action-comedy flick, Knight and Day. Cruise once again plays an agent while Diaz is an unwitting participant. Expected U.S. release date: June 25, 2010

It’s feels like the Sex and the City movie was only released yesterday. And here we are, two years later, awaiting Sex and the City 2. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, except part of the film will be set in the exotic locale that is Morocco. Expected U.S. release date: May 27, 2010

Though I knew nothing about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World going in, now I’m on the other side. I want to see Michael Cera (Juno) fall head over heels for a girl (Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Sky High) only to find out he has to defeat her seven ex-boyfriends, all of whom have superpowers. Chris Evans (aka Captain America), Jason Schwartzman (Darjeeling Limited), Brandon Routh (Superman), and Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick join the cast. Expected U.S. release date: Aug. 13, 2010

Now, this, I really want to see. One of my favorite directors, Ridley Scott, is giving us his take on Robin Hood and it looks fantastic. Barring the weird love interest (Cate Blanchett from The Lord of the Rings), it has the potential to imitate Gladiator‘s success with Russell Crowe taking on the lead role. Expected U.S. release date: May 14, 2010

Films which have been in theaters, but only in limited release or under the radar:

Movies like The Good Guy seem to be Alexis Bledel’s signature. It’s a formulaic romantic movie which doesn’t seem to have a great script going for it. Bledel, a Gilmore Girls alum, first dates Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights; another ex-Captain America contender) until she falls for his co-worker, Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill). Thought-to-be one-hit wonders, Anna Chlumsky (My Girl) and Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink) co-star.

Why Demi Moore (Ghost) and Parker Posey (Blade Trinity) haven’t been cast as siblings before simply confounds me. Happy Tears portrays them as sisters who have to take care of their father (Rip Torn from Men in Black) in an effort to depict wackiness on screen.

Kristen Stewart (Twilight) goes back to her indie roots with The Yellow Handkerchief. It parallels two couples, Maria Bello (A History of Violence) and Oscar nominee William Hurt plus Stewart and Eddie Redmayne (The Other Boleyn Girl) as they figure out their relationships.

Fish Tank recently won a BAFTA award, the British equivalent of the Academy Awards. The film takes us along a 15-year-old girl’s coming-of-age story as she falls for her mother’s boyfriend. The trailer alone is hard to watch in its sushi-raw intensity. See for yourself:

The Vicious Kind is a comedy about two brothers going home for Thanksgiving. One brings his girlfriend (Brittany Snow from American Dreams), whom the second brother (Adam Scott from Knocked Up) falls for. On top of that, Scott has to deal with his turbulent relationship with his father, J.K. Simmons of Juno. Perhaps it’s worth watching just for its dry and completely blunt dialogue.

Chow Yun Fat slips into the role of Confucius, chronicling the life of the famed Chinese philosopher. The trailer doesn’t look promising. I think the movie is trying to fit the action genre when it could have easily been successful as a quiet film like Good Will Hunting with a teacher passing knowledge on to students. Note: It’s in Chinese with English subtitles.

Fresh off her Oscar nod, Carey Mulligan stars in The Greatest along with Susan Sarandon (Stepmom) and Pierce Brosnan (James Bond franchise). Mulligan continues to bring her A game as a girl who falls in love with a boy after a brief affair. The boy dies, she’s pregnant, and left with no one to turn to but the deceased’s family. The trailer may be a bit of a spoiler in the sense that it reveals the reason behind the movie’s name, but it’s done in such a Definitely, Maybe way, that it’s a good sell … and not a bad title.

Based on the novel by Robert Harris, Ghost Writer actually seems interesting so I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it till now. It’s like The Inside Man but (spoiler!) with a writer (Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge), not bank robbers, exposing a war criminal (Brosnan). Sex and the City‘s Kim Catrall and Dollhouse‘s fresh talent, Olivia Williams, complete the thriller’s acting ensemble. As of this posting, nearly 3,000 people gave it 8 out of 10 stars on


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