ABC’s New Show, ‘Eastwick,’ Weaves Its Spell

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

From left to right: Rebecca Romjin, Jaime Ray Newman and Lindsay Price star in ABC's "Eastwick." Photo: Sidereel website

When the clock strikes 10 on Wednesday nights, I catch “Eastwick” on ABC. The show centers on three women (Rebecca Romjin, Lindsay Price and Jaime Ray Newman) who are discovering that they’re witches — kind of like “Charmed” with a “Practical Magic” vibe.

I thought it would be worthwhile since I’ve noticed a pattern with ABC: Character-driven shows (i.e. “Grey’s Anatomy”) seem to be their thing, albeit not so south of the soap-opera border (“October Road”), they’re solid shows nonetheless.

Turns out I was right. I even got my whole family into it, and you know how hard it is for everyone to agree on a show and not fight over the remote. But we were all spellbound.

The show continues to keep you guessing. You’re not so sure who the villain is or what powers the girls possess.

In the first episode, some moments felt contrived. For example, the girls, who never hung out before, just decided to drink cocktails together because Romjin’s character said it was a weird day. Still, later episodes have flowed much better.

The show continues to keep you guessing. You’re not so sure who the villain is or what powers the girls possess. The latest episode just revealed a new power for Joanna (Price). I’m curious to see what else is in store, even after last night’s misstep.

Matt Dallas played Romjin's love interest on the show. Photo: TV Fanatic website

“Eastwick” paired Romjin with Matt Dallas (“Kyle XY”). While “Kyle XY” piled on the cheese and I wasn’t a fan of the program, Dallas had such charm on “Eastwick” that made you root for them as a couple. And yet, the writers killed him off in last night’s episode.

As far as I can tell, this move was to make room for Romjin’s daughter’s (Ashley Benson) love story. Benson was paired with Dallas’ younger brother.

So, to get rid of the weird “brothers dating a mother-daughter team” scenario, I supposed the writers decided Romjin’s — one of the main stars — storyline wasn’t worth keeping.

In a slightly smarter move, it looks like the writers are moving on from Joanna (Price) and Will (Johann Urb) as a “couple.” (They never actually went out; they just crushed on each other.) Previously, they had put Price in embarrassing situations only to have Urb walk in on her.

I did look forward to those scenes, but I guess you can only have so much of those. For intsance, in one episode, Price was dancing (and I mean, dancing) to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” In my favorite Price-Urb scene, she was smelling her armpits when he strolled in.

That’s the kind of hilarity that comes with “Eastwick” along with the mystery and magic. It’s a guilty pleasure of sorts, but one you can enjoy with your girlfriends as it is propelled forward by the friendship among its stars.

*Note: Free episodes are available at Here’s the trailer:


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