In Case You Were Stuck in a Balloon

Link post! What I found interesting over the past few days:


A lipgloss that helps prevent rapes?Bella Sugar

Apparently, eating strawberries with the stems relieves

Tetris dressDress a Day

Songs Used for Torture in Guantanamo Bay –GOOD

A Crime Inspired by “No Country for Old Men”?The Huffington Post

A scene from "No Country for Old Men." Photo: All Movie Photo website
A scene from "No Country for Old Men." Photo: All Movie Photo website


“Fight Club” author Chuck Palahnuik shares writing

It mostly applies to fiction book writers. Nonetheless, it’s exciting that someone of his caliber would offer advice.

Did you know that “Wayne’s World” was directed by a woman? –Film School Rejects

Check out some of the movies that were helmed by female directors. It’s only fitting to print this article since one of the year’s Oscar contenders, “The Hurt Locker,” was directed by a woman, too.

Speaking of the Oscars … and

Since my last link post, the site has featured two more charts on potential Oscar nominees, such as “Amelia” for Best Picture and George Clooney for Best Actor.

Is your favorite actress worth the money? –Forbes

Actress Rachel McAdams. Photo: Wish Special Events website
Actress Rachel McAdams. Photo: Wish Special Events website

The magazine’s website has put together a slideshow of the actresses who deserve their paychecks. It differs from other top ten lists because it states how much each film earns for every dollar the actress gets paid. For instance, the movies of Rachel McAdams earn $30 for every $1 of her salary.

Interview with the men behind “Where the Wild Things Are”Newsweek

What do you say to parents who think the ‘Wild Things’ film may be too scary?
Sendak (the author): I would tell them to go to hell.


“Why Joe Biden Should Resign”The Huffington Post

Sarah Palin’s new book: On ClearanceNewsweek

Hillary Clinton said she won’t run for president again.People

President Obama. Photo: Global Research website
President Obama. Photo: Global Research website

President Obama nominated the first openly gay U.S. Marshall.The Huffington Post

Poll: Michelle Obama is more popular than her husband.USA Today

You can also see possibly the “best photos ever” of the First Lady on The Huffington Post and the First Family’s official portrait by Annie Leibowitz over here.


“Columbia Suspends Environmental Journalism Program”GOOD

I actually see a spike in environmental journalism. I constantly see ads for environmental writers so I would think they’d need the program.

Twitter: Required for Journalism StudentsMashable

Interview with writer Malcolm GladwellTIME

 Jonathan Weil will always have a job, and will always be read, and will always have something interesting to say. He’s unique. Most accountants don’t write articles, and most journalists don’t know anything about accounting. Aspiring journalists should stop going to journalism programs and go to some other kind of grad school. … The role of the generalist is diminishing. Journalism has to get smarter.

“Wife enters journalism after husband’s murder”Committee to Protect Journalists

Find out which “22 Magazines are Actually Kicking Butt in 2009.”The Business Insider


A polar bear. Yay! Photo: Wide Awake in Wonderland
A polar bear. Yay! Photo: Wide Awake in Wonderland website

Now, you’ve heard everything: a beauty pageant exclusively for women who’ve had plastic surgery.The Week

“Should Sex Offenders be Barred from Church?”TIME

Dear Polar Bears, Sorry for Global Warming. Love, the WorldThe New York Times

Note: This will be a recurring blog post so feel free to check back for more.

You can also view the past entries of this series, “In Case You Were Getting a Bikini Wax,” “In Case You Were Wrestling an Anaconda” and “In Case You Were Saving the World Before Dinnertime.”



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