‘Say Yes’ to this Reality Show

TLC has designed a reality show to reveal the stress, indecision and pure joy that comes with searching for the perfect wedding gown. “Say Yes to the Dress” zooms in on the bridal store Kleinfeld, its consultants and customers.

We are introduced to several brides-to-be as they confide in the consultants what their dream dresses are. The consultants then return with options that the bride tries on in front of guests she’s brought along. This always lends itself to drama as the mom, fiance or distant cousin will have a differing opinion than the bride.

Another hot topic is the bride’s bank account. Sometimes the bride will fall in love with a dress that’s over her budget, or the consultant can’t find a dress within the budget. In that case, a different consultant might step in, which sends some employees into a tizzy since their profession is commission-based.

The show also manages to switch it up at times. When a lesbian couple was on the show, the consultants had to find not one, but two, outfits. In another episode, the bridal store helped out a disabled bride. They went so far as to make her a train attached to the back of her wheelchair. Even designers may appear on the show, most notably, “Project Runway” contestants.

The show is absolutely delicious. It indulges every girl’s fantasy wedding and leaves you seeing white.

*Note: “Say Yes to the Dress” airs every Friday at 9 p.m. on TLC. The network usually airs four episodes back-to-back. “Say Yes to the Dress” marathons are also ongoing.


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