In Case You Were Wrestling an Anaconda

Note: This will be a recurring blog post. The last entry focused on pop culture articles and while this one has its fair share, there’s also more randomness and seriousness. Here are links to stuff (stories, photos, videos, etc.) I found interesting over the past few days:

• “Grey’s Anatomy” blog entry on its Season 6 opener —

Every night, after “Grey’s Anatomy” airs, the scriptwriter types up a blog entry that gives us insight about the episode. For the two-hour season premiere, it’s blogging as usual, but Krista Vernoff includes 25 things viewers don’t know about the show’s ensemble cast and writing staff. Like what? “Shonda’s birthday and Patrick Dempsey’s birthday are the same day” and “Kevin McKidd plays a mean guitar.”

• Mary Louise Parker (“Weeds”) in a music video!

The song’s pretty good, too. It has hints of Jason Mraz, John Mayer and the Weepies. The singer also just happens to be Parker’s current beau. I have to say though, there will always be a place in my heart for her and ex-beau, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Weeds,” “Grey’s Anatomy”).

• Which country should host the 2016 Olympics?The Huffington Post

The contenders are Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. When I read it, Chicago was in the lead. Do you agree?

• President Obama will now take your questions. — RT @JobHuntOrg @WestWingReport

E-mail your inquiries to and it may be asked at the next White House news conference.

• A chlamydia epidemic among koala bears?Newsweek

• Celebrities throw out their reading

Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, O, is actually good for something. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Ms. Winfrey, but I found out that they have an ongoing series where various celebrities share the “books that made a difference” to them. There’s so many that even if you’re not interested in what the celebrities have to say, some of their book suggestions are so outside the box that they may be worth a look.

Notable people who’ve appeared in the publication: journalist Anderson Cooper, rapper Jay-Z, authors  Jodi Picoult and  J.K. Rowling as well as actors who range from the acclaimed, Rachel McAdams, Natalie Portman and Laura Linney to TV heavyweights, Hugh LaurieKyra Sedgwick, Lee Pace, Allison Janney, Mary Louise Parker and Amy Poehler to Academy Award winners, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore and Julia Roberts  and countless more.

• Can a girl with black skin be the Chinese idol?TIME

A black girl named Lou Jing recently won China’s version of “American Idol.” Jing is of Chinese descent (her mom) and speaks the language fluently, but she has received backlash from a lot of people. They argue that she’s not Chinese and therefore, shouldn’t  have competed in the Chinese contest. Is this a logical argument or deeply rooted racism? Weigh in.

• Hilarious photo blogs! — Newsweek

What better way to waste your time than looking at people’s awkward (at best) pictures? My favorites include Insanewiches, which shows crazy sandwiches, and Engrish, which displays the king of pathetic grammar usage. Special mention for orginality: Laserportraits, which showcases people’s portraits taken with a laser, Star Wars-like background. I wonder if George Lucas has one …

• ‘Til the Run Water Runs Dry … — The Huffington Post

Typhoon Ketsana (locally known as Ondoy) struck the Philippines, resulting in floods that have reached the roofs of people’s homes. Above is a link to a photo slideshow of the typhoon and here’s a list of organizations you can make donations to if you want to help.


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