In Case You Were Getting a Bikini Wax

Note: This will be a regular, if sporadic, blog post. Here are links to stuff (stories, photos, videos, etc.) I found interesting over the past few days:

Joss Whedon fans unite! Entertainment Weekly magazine lists the best episodes of Whedon’s shows,  such as “Angel,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dollhouse,” which launches its second season tonight on FOX. definitely gives the episodes justice in its write-up. Standout quote: “We are who we are in the fullest when we’re experiencing either absolute joy or abject misery.” I do agree with some of the magazine’s choices, but I think their ranking is out of order. You?

It’s never too early to pick Oscar nominees. New York magazine’s Vulture blog lists its contenders based on the critical reception at the Toronto Film Festival. I’m just glad another musical (“Nine”) won’t slip in the Oscar’s shortlist; I wasn’t a “Moulin Rouge” or “Chicago” fan. What do you think of its picks?

Ask actress Drew Barrymore anything you want. TIME magazine will now take your questions.

See Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” take a life of its own:


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