Saturday Night Live Hires Funny Girls

It’s about time!

Reports have surfaced that “Saturday Night Live” has enlisted two more comediennes to join the cast. With the departure of female heavyweights Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, SNL has apparently hired Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad.

This is especially good news for me and other non-Kristen Wiig fans since Wiig has basically been the lone woman on the show. It was also a smart move on SNL’s part since this may open up new avenues for parodies that weren’t necessarily there before, especially in light of current events in the Middle East.

However, Pedrad and Slate do look alike, but that may only hurt them, not necessarily the integrity of the skits they perform. Although, now that the show has actual women to play the female roles, we won’t get to see the guys cross-dress as much. Bummer.

You can read more about SNL’s new hires, Slate and Pedrad, here and here. And since SNL’s new episodes don’t air for another week or two, here are some of the show’s best female performances to tide you over:

Maya Rudolph as Whitney Houston

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hilary Clinton


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