In Defense of Jennifer Aniston

Katherine Heigl hate has been going around like the mad cow disease, but one writer decided to break away from the herd and be original. Cinematical’s Elisabeth Rappe has directed her hate at Jennifer Aniston instead.

The sparkly Jennifer Aniston. Photo courtesy of the Fanpix Web site.
The sparkly Jennifer Aniston. Photo courtesy of the Fanpix Web site.

The writer zeroed in on Aniston’s film choices. Rappes wrote, “every romantic comedy she signs onto only furthers her own stereotype of lonely and desperate singleton.” Her latest movie is apparently entitled “Pumas,” which focuses on two women who date younger men.


Romance may overshadow other genres on Aniston’s resume, but who’s to knock what made her famous and gave her legions of fans? And surprise, surprise! Some of those romantic films are pretty good, such as “The Object of My Affection.”

And it’s not like she plays a single woman looking for love all the time. Several of the roles she’s take on actually have some depth — even if they’re in romantic movies.

For instance, in “He’s Just Not That Into You,” I think her storyline had the most heart. She played a woman who’s been with her boyfriend for years but is torn up that he hasn’t popped the question yet. Even in “Marley and Me,” her character wasn’t just a wife; she was a woman who suffered a miscarriage.


Also, in case you missed it, Aniston’s body of work includes indie films, such as “Friends With Money,” in which she plays a housekeeper. As much as I am a fan of Angelina Jolie, a comparison is inevitable. Between the two, who else can convincingly play a maid (and other ordinary folks) while being a tabloid mainstay?

Aniston, that’s who, the same actress who garnered rave reviews and an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her performance in “The Good Girl,” another indie movie.

She has even diversified her works to include comedies (“Bruce Almighty”), thrillers (“Derailed”) and animations (“The Iron Giant,” which I hear is a big weepie). I also have to give a shout-out to one of Aniston’s personal best, “Rock Star,” which was an amazing movie that Rappes probably never saw.


How can anyone diss the woman who played Rachel on “Friends,” the woman who launched a thousand hairstyles?

Yes, she played a single woman on the prowl for most of the show, but she was part of the penultimate love story that was Ross and Rachel, one that all other TV couples aspire to be. Her character on the show was a shallow Daddy’s girl in the beginning, but she evolved to be an independent mother by the end.

Furthermore, Aniston has taken on producing roles and done PSAs for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Oh, yeah, she’s also won an Emmy, a Golden Globe and multiple People’s Choice Awards. The people have spoken so haters can shove it.


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