No Emmy Love for Katherine Heigl

The Emmy nominations are out, and only one thing has got my attention.

Katherine Heigl has been shut out of the Outstanding Supporting Actress race for her work on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

I can’t help but think her little debacle with the previous Emmy awards season is behind this. After all, while many have hated her storyline of sleeping with her dead lover, Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the same people admitted that they couldn’t deny Heigl’s freakishly awesome acting.

Personally, I was one of those people who questioned the “Grey’s” writers – until episode 13 aired. Take a look at what erased my doubts:

Others have said that “Grey’s” had been having an off-season. Yet, Heigl’s co-stars managed to get in the good graces of Emmy voters. Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson were both nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category so it really feels like the voters are holding a grudge.

At least Sharon Lawrence, who played Heigl’s mom on the show, received an Outstanding Guest Actress nod. Here are her scenes:

And looking at the glass half full, Heigl will always have her 2007 Emmy award.


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