Putting the ‘Die’ in ‘Diet’: Tips from ‘Where the Heart Is’ by Billie Letts

Nothing has taken the world by storm like diets. Some people choose to go to the South Beach while others stay in the Zone.

Throughout Billie Letts’ novel, “Where the Heart Is,” one of the characters, Lexie Coop, shares her diet tips with her friend, Novalee Nation, the story’s protagonist. The various diets – none of which are recommended- are as follows:

1. Spice things up.

See, I have this theory. Hot sauce burns away the calories. You can eat anything you want as long as you eat it with hot sauce.

2. Chop! Chop!

It may look strange, Novalee, but I have this theory. People who eat with chopsticks are thin. You know why?


You think it’s because they eat rice and vegetables, but that’s not it. It’s because you can’t eat fast with these things.

3. Forget the chairs.

Lexie Coop and the children took Novalee and Americus to dinner at the Pizza Hut, where all the Coops ate standing up, Lexie’s latest method of combating obesity.

4. Fruitful results?

I’m on that new grapefruit diet.


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