The Academy Awards’ Best Picture Category Changes into a Dime

The Academy Award statuette. Photo courtesy of netsap Web site.
The Academy Award statuette. Photo courtesy of the netsap Web site.

Ten is the magic number.

From now on, the Academy Awards will nominate 10 films in the Best Picture category, according to a New York Times article. This will be nothing new, though, since the Oscars have listed 8 to 12 nominees in the past, according to the same article.

If the change happened last year,  the article states that “WALL-E” and “The Dark Knight” could have been nominees. The Academy’s snub of “The Dark Knight” called into question the validity of excluding action movies from the Best Picture category.

If “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” could make it and win, why not the Christopher Nolan film or others like it?

The New York Times article also suggests that a comedic movie could sneak into the category next year. At times, the comedy genre has also been overlooked by Academy voters.

The article implies that the expansion of the shortlist is a move to brighten  the spotlight on the award ceremony. If that’s the case, then why not include more nominees in other categories, such as Best Actress?

In the past, there was talk of Jamie Lee Curtis (“A Fish Called Wanda”) having a shot at the statuette for her role in “Freaky Friday.” Reports speculated that the fact that the movie was a comedy foiled her chances.

With the change, an Entertainment Weekly article states that we may see “Up” and “Star Trek” being nominated for Best Picture. Do you agree?

What movies do you think will make the list next year? What films do you think would have been nominated in the past had there been 10 nominees?

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